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Alright jim here's the final mission

using that gun you picked up, kill all the remaining pokomon and master THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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An event


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I find it interesting how so

I find it interesting how so many games begin with the character emerging from some kind of cave. When you take control of a character you have to square your own continuous life experience with this new, limited one. Because you're embodying this character and living in that character's universe there are metaphysical questions that arise: what is, and why is it here? what happened before our presence, and what will happen afterwards? what happens to our character after we stop playing? And of course these are mapped onto question of life after death in our own lives, etc etc.

So, I find it really interesting that this game explores that a bit. That you get to spend time in this ambivalent but somewhat paradisaical mario paint pre/afterlife, punctuated by a brutish, hyperspeed, pokomon killing DooM life.


Delivers the same kind of feeling I have when playing we all celebrate the birth of jesus christ:


The background music choices you made were also fitting and catchy. Nice work!

So which of your poko games came first? This one, or Invasion of the Pokomon?

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Invasion of the Pokomon was

Invasion of the Pokomon was first! Unfortunately this one was really rushed so the only aspect I'm happy with are the music choices. There's an ending song too but even after changing the difficulty I don't think anyone will see it.

i love stuff like 'we all get together to celebrate the birth of jesus christ', thanks for showing me!

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i forgot how fun it is to

i forgot how fun it is to shoot things that are trying to kill you
i found it quite eerie when the haloey guitar music stops and you are left alone with the pokomon
similar to when theres bright light in a cinema and you become again aware of yourself and your surroundings
i like the colours of the central spinning blob

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I always felt the FPS part

I always felt the FPS part of Mario Paint was under appreciated too.