Soccer Judge 2: The Inciting Incident

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A follow-up to Soccer Judge: The Revenge, sadly made without Liam's involvement this time. Hopefully I can bring him on board for Soccer Judge 3.

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An event


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that explosion effect is

that explosion effect is just divine

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Ripped from Metal Slug, the

Ripped from Metal Slug, the game with probably the best animated pixel art explosions ever!

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My record is 34... cases? Proceedings? Inciting incidents? Dead soccer players?

I can't see where this saga yet takes us.

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Oh yeah, the soccer ball

Oh yeah, the soccer ball sprite used here is taken from World Shmup 2010! It's a scaled-down version.

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I am honored!

I am honored! Even moreso that the enemy balls are also used in the threequel!

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I beat atuun's score!

I think it was a fluke, though.

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I won't tell you what, but I did better than this one ;-)

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This feels like the

This feels like the burglar's heavily biased account of the events in Soccer Judge. Possibly the story grew more dramatic when sharing it over and over again in prison.

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I like this interpretation.

I like this interpretation. Canon!

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backdrifters (again)

41 cases were successfully conducted and executed. the 42nd didn't go so well