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A short game, two or three minutes long, about mountains and idealisations. Mostly mountains.

The Matterhorn model is by jawensi, and Licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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An event


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This is neat. And I didn't

This is neat. And I didn't even die up there!

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This is a cool thing; I

This is a cool thing; I thought the dialogue was interesting and evocative. I also like that the texture work and space around the mountain decontextualizes it in an interesting way that simultaneously makes it feel more accessible and more austere.

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I would have commented

I would have commented earlier, but I forgot where I had downloaded this from and there was no way to identify who made it from the files themselves.

I thought this was an interesting form. One thing that struck me was how in the end I felt like I was climbing a small-scale model of the mountain, one of those absurdly large, small-scale models. When small-scale models are the size of a parking-lot, they become something inherently different than large models or small models. This large, small-scale model quality matched the perspective of the narrator really well. I enjoy the subject matter of the simultaneous importance of partial or unrealistic knowledges and the awareness that they are subjective. It's a subject I rarely see addressed in games. The idea of a thing is different than the thing itself and when we make that distinction and appreciate the idea as an idea I find it paradoxically more reality-based.