Peyote Runner

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You are a monster in the desert seeking wisdom. Gather cacti patiently and avoid BAT COUNTRY. Reach your home safely with your cacti and enjoy the trip!

GAM file only, couldn't get EXE to work, sorry.

The EXE is fixed, thanks to sergiocornaga, link in the comments section.

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An event


Good job!

Very nice

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Thanks! Can't wait to see

Thanks! Can't wait to see your creations!
Btw, maybe I'll also finish that OHRRPGCE game about saunas...


what about the one called "my head hurts like a bitch?"

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Yes, that's the one I'm

Yes, that's the one I'm talking about! "My head hurts like a bitch" after going to sauna, remember?...

Aw shit yea

Sorry, totally forgot.
I think i still have the version of it you gave to me somewhere on my computer

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Hehe nice! I made some

Hehe nice! I made some progress since then, but not much, to be honest... I still need to figure a few important things and add more maps, and it's tough without a manual!

I think we're gonna pollute

I think we're gonna pollute the comment section

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I tried building an .EXE and I think it worked lemme know if anything went wrong!

Peyote Runner.zip381.92 KB


Good job!

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Thanks for checking it out! Yes, the EXE works! It worked on my computer too during testing, when I tried to generate one myself, but when I sent it to another tester (Infernal) he said the EXE crashed instantly. I also didn't have an icon of the game when I launched my own EXE... Your EXE does display it properly. Maybe my version of TGF is bugged - I installed a bunch of plugins from some French site, and they didn't work, perhaps they interfered with my executable file somehow... I think your EXE will work on Infernal's computer and on others too, thanks for offering a fix!

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I actually feel like this

I actually feel like this game made me wiser.

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Wow, that's a great thing to

Wow, that's a great thing to hear!