KNP Tetris: The Grandmaster 4: Laughing Instinct

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CW: Screen shake, fast-moving objects

A modern reimagining of qrleon's KNP Tetris (which you should probably play first).


Graphics: NASA, Alien Soldier, Sega Tetris, Doom, some of my own stuff, and the CoolText online generator
Music: The MIDI from KNP Tetris hastily fed through Renoise and various VSTs
Sounds: An unreleased soundpack I made for Nullpomino, TGF sound libraries, Gunstar Heroes, Nikki's voice, and Tama for the Sega Saturn

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An event


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Oh my god this game is

Oh my god this game is hilarious and amazing!! A stunning successor! I like what you did with my voice haha. I sound like a cool robot.

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i laughed a lot and loved

i laughed a lot and loved it. the level of polish is really great

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This is truly a worthy

This is truly a worthy successor to TGM3. I think it'd be really cool if the placing pieces part of the game actually worked like tetris, so that if more than, say, 75% of any horizontal line of pixels was filled by pieces, that line would be removed.

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Sorry but this is not at all

Sorry but this is not at all how KNP Tetris works.


SOMEONE had to say it, of course!


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Oh man this is goooood. I

Oh man this is goooood. I like that getting a bunch of bonuses makes your life more difficult. I actually want to get a good score in it, but I can only get like 40 enemies on average. Still a lot of fun!

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The bonuses are mostly based

The bonuses are mostly based on pieces placed/time survived/random chance. Only real advice is to avoid pressing Down, and don't put two L pieces together.

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Fullscreen version for

Fullscreen version for babycastles

KTetris_TGM_7.zip9.27 MB