Soccer Judge III: Redemption

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This next thrilling instalment in the Soccer Judge franchise sees the action move off the soccer court and into a court... of law.

Made by Liam and Sergio, with vital unspecified creative contributions by Lucy!

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This is a pretty brave

This is a pretty brave direction for the series to take, and I appreciate the exploration of the Soccer Judge lore. I also liked defending the burglar, who gets a short shift in most of the games he's in for some reason.

Also, my headcanon is that this is a prequel. It just feels like one for some reason!

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Given that the first Soccer

Given that the first Soccer Judge game was inexplicably subtitled 'The Revenge', interpreting the series as being out of chronological order seems wise! My own headcanon of the second game is that it's a dream sequence (nightmare?) experienced by the judge at some point. But that doesn't really fit with the subtitle 'The Inciting Incident'… unless the judge's prejudices all stem from some random dream he had? OK, that's my headcanon now.

I'm not sure I want to make more Soccer Judge games, but there are clearly parts of this story left to tell.

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If this were a soap opera, it'd be "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Because it is bold and it is beautiful. Some phenomenal writing. I don't know that this will be my game of the year 2017, but this one moment could well be my screenshot of the year: [SPOILERS, obvs].

Great soundtrack, too.

I agree with atuun, this seems like this could be a prequel, which would leave future entries in the franchise all kinds of new directions to explore.

With so much new Soccer Judge content in such quick succession after the original seven years ago, this is kinda feeling like Glorious Trainwrecks's own Twin Peaks moment.

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Game of the year contender?

Game of the year contender? I'm in awe.

I'm glad you enjoyed the soundtrack, I couldn't have assembled it without Since I included two Chrono Trigger MIDI transcriptions, "Kingdom Trial" might seem to be a more obvious choice for courtroom music… however, I was inspired to go for Yoshi's Island instead, thanks to "The Wrongful Conviction of Mister Trenton", a 2005 People's Remix Competition 2nd Place Winner. It unsurprisingly seems to have disappeared from the internet, so I rescued my copy off an old hard drive and have uploaded it for posterity.

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Loved this

Like an episode of Perry Mason scripted by Groucho Marx and Jean Genet.

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This is higher praise than I

This is higher praise than I ever expected this game to receive. Thank you.

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Damn, I cried! This is

Damn, I cried! This is beautiful, I really enjoyed playing some soccer