Millrace 2000: The Millrace of the Future

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Information in-game!

In case it's difficult to find, press "R" to return to the hub!

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I really enjoy games where

I really enjoy games where you explore little spaces to see what can be found there, and this game really takes the cake.
Plenty of interesting rooms to check out, the sound design is also fairly neat in the sense that everything you find that isn't stapled to the ground feels energetic, bouncing around and letting out noises on collision or just in general.

The fact that the read me section falls down into this pile of physical objects also made me smile, just because it really is the most literal representation of the phrase "Text dump".

All in all, neato!

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The different scenes give an

The different scenes give an interesting impression of your friends personalities. It made me very curious to know more about them.

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I like some of these rooms a

I like some of these rooms a lot. This is inspirational for me.

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Is that room where you are

Is that room where you are falling the last room? This 3D text thing gives me a ton of ideas!

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speakeasy revival

there are these rooms:

1. the first room that greets you, it takes you to

2. the hub that has a bunch of names. each of those names

3. andrew douglas campbell
4alex wurts
5aaron w björk
6esther weng
7joseph robert moore
8kayla thompson
9laura hughes
10mary margaret morgan
11natalie e wood
12stephen mathew nachtigall
13sumer khan

are all of the possible rooms, no particular room order matters
although esther is the ideal last room.

maybe i need to put in the description that pressing 'r' is to go to the hub,
i've had a few friends say they had to quit and restart because they didn't know that.

i guess having to find that text in the ReadMe section is too hidden lol

glad you're getting ideas! that's such a great compliment!
i tend to throw as many ideas at a project that i possibly can and i definitely encourage that of everyone lol

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For the record, I

For the record, I appreciated that sifting through the Read Me provided me with the knowledge that 'R' restarts.

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I find myself thinking about

I find myself thinking about some of the structures and just wanting to build stuff to walk around. Sometimes I think that doing that is a knowable sum, but when I see these structures in a first-person perspective I get excited about the potential again. I used to love wooden building blocks as a kid. I probably still love them really. I just need to add music and lighting these days.

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imperceptible sphere

okay i think it won't be awkward to say thanks to everyone now

thanks for compliments everyone :)