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I made this game in early may i think, just as in the other rum games you must collect rum bottles, however, this time more quests.

To use the gun press ctrl, walk with arrows.
you have to get the gun first though

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It's ALWAYS time for rum!

It's ALWAYS time for rum!

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I think this is a nice progression of the Rum games you've made. The inclusion of the art upgrade (nice!) and the destructible terrain were welcome additions to the canon.

Looking forward to where the treasure map takes me next... :D

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it's not a treasure map

the idea of rum is to tell a story, but not in a single game, but in a huge amount of games! there may be 100 if i dont get lazy

What did you think of small logic quests? or how do i call them?
the one with the cart in the cave and the one with the rum being blocked by rocks?

did you find the secret location (there's nothing much in it, so don't bother goin there if u did not find it)?

Here's some interesting stuff

The different parts of the island have different look and local monsters, the game has already shown the Wizard Haal and the Pirate Sakkaar, but soon it's gonna turn into an epic adventure, and i think i will try to explain the story behind the Rum guy and the whole madness on the darkest part of the island! stay tuned for more, as soon as i get home, Rum IV will be out.

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I think you could classify your 'logic quests' as puzzles. There's nothing wrong with that. :) Most single-player games are a series of puzzles anyway.

Generally speaking, as long as there's some sort of feedback to let the player know that their action is doing something to the game world, then it's okay. For example, the gradual disintegration of the block on the rail tracks as you shoot it - which is consistent with the plants that are destroyed in earlier stages - was sufficient to let me know I should keep doing it.

I'm also a fan of sound feedback, particularly if it takes multiple hits to destroy a blocking object. If there were sounds that let the player know the difference between a destructible object and indestructible ones, that would be helpful. The cart puzzle seemed okay. Previous to that though, it took me a minute to realize I would need to move past the big one-eyed blob instead of trying to kill it, after it knocked the rocks out of the way. If there was a "bullet ricochet" sound as bullets impacted the blob, to let me know that it wasn't able to be destroyed, that would have been helpful.

I did find an empty cave, but I figured that it was just an area you hadn't developed anything in. Maybe I ought to go back and see if any of the smaller rocks can be destroyed, and another path opens...

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hmmm... i'll work on that!
blue blob is killable, and the first time you encounter it you should get rid of it (shootin like a chaingun so it wont hit you, lol) but yeah, on the second encounter that is impossible and you have to run

Oh, you did find the secret location! I'll try to make secrets bigger and let them have more levels in next games