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Nice Job!

Excellent take on the picross genre! Clean, professional interface and plenty of puzzles. :D

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I made the Picross player for my own use. None of the puzzles are original. I kept running out of puzzles to play while listening to my podcasts. I discovered that a lot of Picross puzzles are on consoles and use clunky d-pad controls. So, I started on the player. I wrote a data miner to rip the puzzles out of various FAQ/walkthru documents online. I had to weed out many puzzles that were unrecognizable until completed and the viewer switched to a color animation.

I have since cleared my browser cache, but I have completed my version with 100% accuracy. I forget how many hours the program logged though. Hahahah.

The game is HTML5, which means it can be played on portable devices. You can tap the preview pane to change the Picross tool. Unfortunately, the browser displays the game too small to be very playable. In Safari, you can set a bookmark with the following information that will allow you to zoom in on any webpage - in this case the game window - and the game is playable:


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Kuru Tsuchinoto II - Scratch


Some guys made a cool html5 player for Scratch games. Here is the same game that should be playable with other devices: *

*Note: It works on my PC browser, but this particular game does not work on my iPad in either of my browsers. My iPad is super old though, so it may work on current devices. Maybe someone could test for me? I hope to get a new iPad here in the upcoming months. :)

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Interesting traversal mechanic.

I've never seen this traversal mechanic before. It has a similar appeal to Flappy Bird or Super Hexagon where the joy of playing is largely coming from getting into the rhythm of being able to progress small amounts.

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Sweet, I think I played the

Sweet, I think I played the previous one made in Klik. The more you play, the more you try to click rapidly to make the player crawl quickly through corridors

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The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot - K&P

I should see if I can't track down the k&p .gam file for this one. The DS Music was made with KORG DS-10 and added when the game was exported to the Flash format from MMF2.

santa_alpha1.swf1.12 MB
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Unfinished post...

This post as well as most of the stuff shown within is unfinished... and subject to change.


4Noah (virtual controller - one button):

Brailler (does anyone still have a copy of this? I lost it in an HD crash. I think I uploaded it here once before)

Flappy Bird (proof of concept)

Paratrooper (proof of concept)

No Touchy!

Old Bombs Away / Drop Zone IV beta

An audiobook for a former student



Chip's Challenge:

Double Bogey:

KNPzel (I might see if I can rip the graphics and try and modify something for the VCS):

A Look Through My Old KNP Directory:


Other Nonsense

Stop! (One of many trainwreck music experiments)

My New Instagram

4Noah Laboratory (Thanks Barrie)

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I just wanted to say think you to SpindleyQ and the rest... If you weren't all here, no one would ever play my games.

Haha. Oh , wait. I'm the only one here. Well, I'm here. Me too. Let's try Pseudopods! Is there a two-player option? NO! Awww. That sucks. Let's go play on Nick's X-Box.

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I enjoyed your GT games back

I enjoyed your GT games back in the late 00's, I still get that Tintin on the Moon remix stuck in my head once in a while. I don't keep up enough and give feedback these days.. or back then really.. sorry!

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Also a big fan and lament

Also a big fan and lament the games that have been removed over time. Which one has a Tintin on the Moon remix!?

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Haha, I would have to go

Haha, I would have to go digging through to find out.

I believe the mods were downloaded from Maniacs of Noise: I think I discovered them after playing BreakQuest (an awesome Breakout clone with physics) available for free now here: I fell in love with a lot of their work. ;)

I am bipolar, and in my downs, I have a bad habit of trying to delete my existence... including any trace of anything I have left of myself on the internet. I was usually careful enough to keep a local copy. However, a few years back I had a HD fail and I lost everything. It was devastating to lose so much and I still haven't fully recovered. LOL

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Wow, that's the exact same way I was introduced to Maniacs of Noise. I think I only discovered their cool older C64 stuff existed by reading the comments in those mods. My admiration culminated in my own remix of [a different song from] Tintin on the Moon, made in good ol' WarioWare D.I.Y.

Another artist/friend of mine is bipolar and does the exact same thing. From talking with him I become kinda glad that behaviour that could have been entirely self-destructive was instead mostly contained via destruction of a specific online self, though I don't know if that part applies for you. I'm just sorry to hear that you have to deal with it at all, and sorry I didn't meticulously privately archive your uploads for the good times. Ah well… tears in the rain. Or maybe tears of my heart would be more appropriate.

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I had a tendency to destroy

I had a tendency to destroy my work prior to joining this site. Not sure why. Wish I still had copies.