The Adventures of Wilson

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Explore totally unique worlds with Wilson!
*stunning worlds
*platformer gameplay
*bad.. I MEAN GOOD ART!!!
*Wilson waz here.


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An event


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I was really enjoying the

I was really enjoying the diversity of the level concepts, and how the super simple black-squares-on-colored backgrounds approach could create such different feeling levels, but then the spikes came in. The difficulty curve went right to the top right away- "two spikes side by side on a flat surface" was about the limit of challenge I felt compelled to put up with, and the games controls weren't really tight enough to warrant the precision the jumps demanded. That song is amazing though!

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Thank you

Thank you for the response, this game is very old so I might make a sequel! Also if I do make a sequel I will make it so the spikes don't randomly pop in and make it hard. Also I should've edited the hit-box on those damned spikes!

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I like the minimalism of it

I like the minimalism of it but I think you should have more mechanics.

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second one

Yeah this game is fairly old (just posted it not too long ago), but I'm making a second one with more mechanics and a nicer feel.

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The art and the pacing of

The art and the pacing of the difficulty suggests a completely different emphasis than I typically see in TAN platformers. I enjoyed being there long enough to consider that sensibility.
My favorite aspect is the parts where the spikes are scattered on suboptimal routes.