Morge The Mouse 2

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This is an unfinished build of Morge the Mouse 2.

Explore the house with your Boyfriend Murray the Cat.
Jump around and find secrets!

WASD - move
E - sniff mode
SPACE - jump
Left Click - open doors, change channel on TV

You can download the OST here:

Marie Gevaudan
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<3 the little mouse toilet.

<3 the little mouse toilet.

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I like the digital textures

I like the digital textures that are apparent in a lot of the images. Changing the channels on the television was exciting. It did feel like we were playing around while the official residents were away.
I like the picture of the green mouse with the key in the stairway a lot, I don't know why.
I searched for a power button on the PC for a while.
I like how all the rooms feel like moments of a memorable chill evening. I didn't think they had a chronological order which was cool because it makes the subject of the piece feel like a memory that the player-character is currently reminiscing over.

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"It did feel like we were

"It did feel like we were playing around while the official residents were away."

Morge and Murray are the official residents!? didn't you notice the photographs of them in the staircase and in other places?

The Green Mouse is by

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When I think of this game

When I think of this game the morning after I played it, I find myself romanticizing family-bars like Applebee's or Outback Steakhouse or Red Robin. I don't know why that is, but at the same time it seems like a reasonable reaction.
I think it has to do with the booths feeling like chunky, simple, modular, inclosing furniture. Family-bars also tend to divide spaces up that in a particular way. I think some of it might also be that the space under the table simultaneously seems public and private and kinda secret. All of this is probably too personal of a reaction to be useful to anyone else, but sometimss I look at my old comments when I replay games!

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I like how much this reminds

I like how much this reminds me of those old counter strike maps set in the big house. de_mouse? There's a particular quality to these kinds of levels that's really interesting- the way that the familiar objects feel to climb, and how even though the layouts wouldn't make much sense as abstract game levels, they become very legible and navigable because they're so familiar.

Also, it's always fun to see your trademark picture in picture camera views and that strangely textured border.

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sorry for commenting on a

sorry for commenting on a year old comment but yes the Morge games and spider time were very much inspired by playing de_rats and it's sibling maps! (Though in team fortress 2 and garry's mod not counter strike).

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Just got around to playing

Just got around to playing this now... as usual, a fun romp around the place! The cel-shading is a very nice look.