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Game File (Mac): 
Game File: 

this is not like an egglike
the pc and mac versions are different
(if you can play the pc one, play that)
music by my friend

for James

Event Created For: 
Made For: 
An event


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An experience like no

An experience like no other

I'm serious, try this out

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This matters somehow

I keep replaying this. I have nothing remotely insightful to say about it but I just wanted to post a comment to say thanks for making it and for the inexplicable pleasure I've had in playing it.

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holy shit

holy shit

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I played this again. I still

I played this again. I still have nothing to say about it but I enjoy it.

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Haha, I am pretty confused by all of these sort of non-descript statements on this game. Thank you though!

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I'll write an insightful

I'll write an insightful comment on this game eventually.

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Thank you, I'll look forward to it. :-)

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toilet paper rolling down the hill

this is one of my favourite games of all time, no joke

i mean, the warioware genre is my favourite genre so i guess that makes sense

also your friend's soundtrack is so good

i love you

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Hehehe, thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!
And yes, Lillyan is the best musician

i absolutely loved it, made

i absolutely loved it, made me laugh out loud several times and kept me engaged to the very end

this is the best game ever i

this is the best game ever
i might have that exact same piano keyboard your friend used, i didnt know you could make stuff of THIS quality on it
god dang