It's Not Complicated

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It's actually quite simple!


Here we go, I found something to do in Flickgame!
This game is totally artistic. I recently concluded that the world isn't really that complicated after all. Until I explain what I mean exactly, because then you're gonna disagree. And it's not gonna be simple anymore. So I'm not gonna do that. Here I tried to engage into some reductionism and of course failed. The caveats would always be there. Anyway. This thing here... it does say something, I would say! Let me think... it's about privilege? Cognitive dissonance? Maybe! Who knows. After all, you can only say this is a game about that vague idea I had in mind if I manage to successfully convey that idea. Otherwise it becomes a game about something else or nothing.

Give me your artistic analysis, you beautiful people.

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This is clever. I like it!

This is clever. I like it! :)

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Enjoyable. I emerged with no

Enjoyable. I emerged with no thoughts I can express in concrete terms.

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I somehow completely forgot to mention that there are two secret endings?!

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I found both!

I found both!

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That morphing transition

That morphing transition looks neat!

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You can put &a=1 at the end

You can put &a=1 at the end of any flickgame URL to try it out!