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Just make a sector in the vastly underused Jumper Two Editor. Maybe play the main game a bit to familiarize yourself with the physics/mechanics.

NOTE: Pressing "save" instead of "save as" will just save your sector as "New Sector.j2e". If "New Sector.j2e" already exists, it WILL be overwritten. For that reason I suggest you always "save as" so that you don't save all your data to an easily overwritable file.

Games made for JumperTwoJam


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Hey, I remember this thing!

Hey, I remember this thing! I don't think I was ever able to clear Jumper 2 (I did clear the original), but the series really does stick out in my mind as far as Game Maker goes. Many years later I would create Grumper (alternate movement version here) and immediately regret using MMF2 as my choice of tool. Maybe I will make a followup in Love2D!

As for Jumper 2 Editor, I remember making one level and then not sharing it - not much, but I enjoyed the creative process. Hopefully I will produce more this time around.

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Got it to run in Wine, but

Got it to run in Wine, but unfortunately I can't hear any MIDI music. Oh well...

Edit: Have working MIDI music and sound albeit with a 1 second delay on everything. But hey, consider me in!