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A tutorial kind of thing for Jumper Two. Explains everything you need to know about the game mechanics that isn't explained in the editor.
Made to accompany JumperTwoJam.
Place the .j2e file in your Jumper Two folder, then open it through the editor.

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I couldn't get to level 3, would you please be kind enough to help me?

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(Assuming you're stuck on level 2)

For level 2, the initial column should hopefully be easy to scale- wall-jump off the sides a few times. At the fireball hazard, one jump will barely be enough to clear it. You'll want to jump, then double-jump as soon as you're near the fireball. Then at the wall-spike part, what you need to do is skid jump (jump whilst turning), double-jump, and then wall-jump off the space to the right. Once you're on top, just walk right for level 3.