hourse party

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Game File (Mac): 
Game File: 

new build in Itch is up!: https://quasiotter.itch.io/hourse-party
included more files and credits

a gallery of hourses!

this is the basic version! i like it but could polish a few things? will link to itch version when done!

in the meanwhile, you can still submit stuff! like today preferably.
not only for this unity game,
but other files: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/10720

music or environmental sounds?
change jumping and landing sounds to hourse sounds?
maybe put something else where the haiku is. probably whatever else is given after this version has been posted
maybe i'll add a title screen with instructions on how to press 'r' to go back to the main level. or i might just have a platform where you start with 3d text that you fall into the main level from.

i will include a credit sheet that points out who did what, but here's who contributed from this site:


and elsewhere:
aaron w bjork
andrew douglas campbell
alexander wurts
alex's mom lol
annika bjork
edward r crockett
kayla thompson
laura king
my mom
sumer khan

if you contributed, don't worry, it's there, just not apparent or always visible.

Made For: 
An event


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I didn't know my horse could

I didn't know my horse could shop at Costco! These sound effects have a biological- and almost 'throat like' feel to them which sits very well with me. The room with the spinning rocket ship is comfortingly musical, I actually jammed out to my sfxr footsteps and I asked Siri if it knew the song the rocket ship was playing but it was obfuscated by my walking (my own fault i suppose)

I won't beat a dead horse, the horse neighs at night
the horse neighs at night
the horse neighs at night
the horse neighs at night

the horse neighs at night

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This turned out well.

This turned out well.

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the sliding sand texture is

the sliding sand texture is super duper cool, and finding the connected rooms was a fun surprise

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I can't believe I have never

I can't believe I have never played this game. It was amazing. Clyde gets me to play walking simulators all the time and in the end I'm not usually a fan but this one totally delivered! I loved the sound when i jumped, so I jumped a lot. All of the different horses were great. I loved finding details like the shadow of the horses who weren't there and the picture of a horse that disappeared when you walked on the other side. It was just packed with great details!! So fun to explore.