You Have To Put The Level Into The Juni

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A tribute to the "You Have To Put The Juni..." series. It's time for Juni to stop stealing the show and let the true protagonist of the story get the spotlight they deserve.

Features a dumb gimmick that gets old in about 10 seconds, a few obscure KS references and a whole two different endings.

This level requires the [Knytt Stories Plus] mod by egomassive.

Made For: 
An event


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Wow, this is something I

Wow, this is something I would never have thought of doing! Seriously impressive, despite your best efforts to convince me otherwise.

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Drats, that means I failed

Drats, that means I failed at convincing you that this is a failure, which kinda makes this a meta-failure. The best kind of failure.

Glad you liked it anyways!


DAHAHAHAHA WOW. This is probably one of the most clever and jokey ideas for a jokelevel I've seen in some time. Nice work, Gibby!

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Thanks. It was one of those

Thanks. It was one of those "Wow, this is so stupid and weird that I just have to try it out even though I have absolutely no idea if it's going to be any fun!" sudden ideas. In retrospect, maybe this would have worked for a slightly longer level (two "screens" at least), but designing the level in this way was a real pain and I completely ran out of creativity after that single screen, so I ended up letting the incomplete level gather dust for almost a year until I finally decided to wrap it up.