Goin' to Acapulco

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apologies to thecatamites

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Finally a roleplaying game

Finally a roleplaying game where I get to experience being a very minor character in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid - probably one that will get cut from the final movie. Thank you.

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The music choice and the scenery and color palette of the game make me feel really cozy inside. I like this game a lot. The couple watching the sun together and the two relaxing at the edge is really sweet too.

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cool, feels like goblet

cool, feels like goblet grotto ate a kirchner street painting

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The animation of the lovers

The animation of the lovers is super endearing.

I like how relaxed this game feels.

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coolI like how the

I like how the contrasting colors and textures manage to cohere together. I think you mentioned Hannah Hoch elsewhere and that's probably a good comparison.
it's interesting that I can't change the camera angle, which means climbing the ramp is natural but entering the brothel is a little disorienting. then when the camera starts animating it's a dramatic new perspective.

the place feels warm and social although i feel a strange relation to the other people because i can't go near them without stealing from them. or maybe i'm begging and they're giving me the money/intoxicants? in either case it makes sense to feel somewhat alienated.

for me listening to the lyrics of the music helped to decipher what was happening in the scene, but i felt the polished consistency of the music to be out of place next to the playful jumble on the screen.