You Have to Put the Machine in the Juni

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Contains two endings. One of them makes perfect sense, one doesn't.

2018 UPDATE: Now adheres more strictly to Knytt Underground canon (i.e. Juni always has black limbs now) and includes another secret bonus ending. Tell all your friends!

2018 UPDATE EDIT: There were some exclamation points that weren't colored in correctly.

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Due to my questionable sanity, I enjoyed the alternate ending (or is it actually the canonical ending?) a lot. I wish I could get a third ending by using the machine before the scalpel, though.

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Flickboy actually supports

Flickboy actually supports up to 25 screens so it might be possible on there in exchange for having more than 2 colors.

And apparently we're both in the same mental institute because even I, the person who threw this together, laugh at that ending every time. I have no idea whether it's the "real" one or not.

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I simultaneously admire your

I simultaneously admire your commitment to the Knyttverse canon, while lamenting the overall decrease in acceptable Juni variance that this commitment [arguably] represents.