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What is Midnight?
Let us All Come and Play a fun and Meaningful new Game,
Welcome to Dr. Evolution’s Sourest new Game Yet!

Gain Fun and meaningful Real Life Experiences,
Work from Home doing What you Love,

Evolve Yourself and Evolve Your Species!
Hi, I’m the Doktor William Evolution, of the world of the World’s number One
Fanatic of the World’s Number one Fanatic of Human Evolution! And

Have been Invited to Participate are invited
To Participate in the Doktor’s Sourest new game Yet,

Win Free So Evolved! So Sour! Very Evolved! Very Sour!
Simple Experiments,
Highly Qualified!

Send me a Friend Request To begin Playing!

Bill Evolution
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I can testify that this is a

I can testify that this is a thing and is not spam.

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[wrong place sorry]

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I have exchanged email with

I have exchanged email with this poster, the subject line of which was literally "I'm not spam".

(His browser somehow consistently incorrectly triggered one of my sekrit anti-spam user registration traps)

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looks cool; can i play

looks cool;
can i play without using facebook?

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The Doktor provides the experiments through Facebook and we submit our entries and discuss them there. I probably shouldn't say anymore or I might displease the Doktor. I want to evolve and I only have 13 points.

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I would think starting a

I would think starting a fake account would be a legit way to play too if you don't want to mix work/life.

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i don't have a job or a

i don't have a job or a life, or facebook. but i'm intrigued so maybe i'll set one up
thanks :)

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i can also testify that this

i can also testify that this is a real game. you have to use facebook to play it but I think its private so your posts for the group wont show up on your other friend's feeds if they're not in the game. I know, facebook sucks in a lot of ways but the game is fun and feels like it uses 'the good parts' of facebook to make something pretty cool.

basically, you are given 3 vague prompts each week that you can fulfill in any way you choose, then you are arbitrarily graded by a 'mysterious' figure.

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aloysius version opposite b

i'm so sad that it's all gone now :( and i don't know if i evolved

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Now that some time has

Now that some time has passed, I'm interested in talking about how this went down. I'm especially interested in seeing how discussion of a now extinct game that was only played by a few of us and which relied on partial information distrubution will go.

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I shaved my beard, glued it

I shaved my beard, glued it to a portrait and mailed it. SUPPOSEDLY it was going to everythingstaken, but that could have been anyone's address.
I'm not looking for confirmation that everythingstaken got the package. This just seems like an good detail to begin talking about how the game deals (or doesn't deal) with remote players, trust, authority, and anonymity.

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letters and packages

Yeah, I am confused by quite a bit and have had quite a bit of it revealed to me after the fact. I did get your package and many other's mailed to me. I uploaded videos of me opening each package, but they were all immediately removed. All packages were anonymously sent to me, but it was easy to tell who sent which package because everyone uploaded a corresponding video which I paired together. You, quasiotter, and Gus all matched up with a video, but there was one where I got some strands of green hair. I assumed it was Flan's, but their hair color isn't the same type of green. I also thought it might have been James' hair, but he had stopped playing as frequently by that point, and when I inquired, he seemed to be genuinely confused.