Tropical Lima Beans

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This is a very straightforward exploration-based area, focused mainly on visuals/ambience and the classic "find all power-ups in order to unlock the path to the exit" KS formula. There are a few very simple challenges here and there and a secret red artifact you can try to collect. Features custom graphics (tileset+gradient+a few COs) and a new ambience track I made by mixing some public domain sounds I got from

The screen with the umbrella leads to a dead end from where you can see a hollow area. I think this could be used for hiding another bonus and/or connecting to another area. Suggestions are welcome. The same goes for the background music (there's none at this moment, I can't decide if I should include a song or just let the custom ambience track do all the job).

Unique screens: 33 (not counting the duplicates used to fill up the sky)
Powers used: Run (available from the start), Climb, Double Jump, Umbrella, Eye, High Jump, Hologram.
Collectibles: Red artifact #1, Blue artifact #2.

* KS+ is required (uses artifacts, the overlay feature, a water OCO and an attachment for cave areas).

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An event


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I still intend to add a few

I still intend to add a few more details before the deadline (and probably adjust the challenges, since I didn't give them much thought because I was mostly focused on cranking out screens) if I have some more free time, but most of the work is done and it should be already fully playable from start to finish even as a standalone level. As usual, any criticism will be welcome.

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Oh wow, this definitely

Oh wow, this definitely feels like a level that can stand on its own! It's making me rethink my own section in some ways.

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Thanks! It does feel more


It does feel more like a very compact separate level than a small area of a large one. Normally, I'd have tried to design an area that uses only a small subset of Juni's powers, but I figured this "standalone adventure" approach would work in the kind of level we're building (since it'll probably be non-linear and a mix of very different worlds). The idea is that all the collected powers and items (except for the secret artifact) are taken away from the player upon returning to the hub. I wouldn't be opposed to re-tooling the area if needed, though.

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I'm taking the same approach

I'm taking the same approach with my section (lots of powers granted in quick succession) so hopefully we can roll with it.

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Gorgeous stuff. Here are

Gorgeous stuff. Here are some things to consider fixing:

x998y1021 - you can trigger a wallswim when climbing up the rocky bit.
x996y1022 - non-ideal sand tiles are used in bottom right of screen, hopefully you can tell what I mean.

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Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thanks, glad you liked it. I've fixed the issues you mentioned (it took me a while to notice those incorrect sand tiles... nice catch there!)

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Updated the level with a

Updated the level with a small secret area that adds blue artifact #2.

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Found a small SGE (wait,

Found a small SGE (wait, that's redundant)

Cave background doesn't extend up all the way

BTW that secret area + challenge is really good, not too hard to find either.

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Thanks! I thought that both

Thanks! I thought that both the detector and the hologram were being very underused in this level, so I wanted to address that with this new addition.

Also, thanks for reporting the SGE. I fixed that and a couple of other minor errors I noticed here and there.