Fuck This Old Man

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Fuck that guy! Based on a true story.

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If anyone was to describe

If anyone was to describe this game to me, I wouldn't play it because I am horrified by the idea of torture. I actually couldn't get past a mandatory torture scene in GTA V for a while until I figured out that I could turn off the volume and press "a" a bunch until it was over. But I really enjoy this. The fact that the torture is presented as a powerlessness of the torturer with the absurd context and the disclaimer of saying "through the magic of game-design" turns this into something different for me. This is like watching a child sword-fight the air while vocalizing transparent metaphors for an encounter they were recently frustrated with. While I think all of us can agree that torturing anyone is a horrendous act, this presentation of the torture as some form of mental theatre is expressive of a stage of maturing into civility. The sound effects express this well by sounding like they are made quietly as if to not attract the attention of anyone else in the house. It's such a sincere expression of powerlessness, frustration, and restraint. I like it a lot.

hm, an interesting view

hm, an interesting view point, glad ya like it

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Not a fan of the torture,

Not a fan of the torture, but thanks for making it relatively easy to deal with since it's contextualised like clyde said, and presented in a somewhat silly way. But yeah, that old guy sure sounds like a jerk.

indeed; i was interested in

indeed; i was interested in the idea of making a torture game where you are actually given some kind of motive for the action, i see a lot of games where youre just supposed to fill the "tortured character" in with someone you dislike or it provides you with a minimal intro (kill your boss cause he sucks lol). the fact that its an irl thing made it that much better.

he was indeed very rude. im just really not sure why would anyone bother with getting upset over two young people talking (i see kids tagging, skateboarding on monuments and other nonsense, im not sure why would ANYONE mind this wtf) and it pissed us off quite a lot.
it threw us "out of the mood" so much that we made a deal that i will make a game about him and my friend who is a writer will write a short story. needless to say we both followed up.

maybe we will find someone worse and will make a sequel one day, who knows

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I like the idea of the

I like the idea of the existence of a sequel being solely dependent on real-world events outside of your control!

me too, it breaks the gap

me too, it breaks the gap between real world and games.
most of my art is based on irl experience haha

hope you enjoy my other games too!!!! :-)