MMF2 Flash Runtime

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So, Clickteam finally made a release build of MMF2 that can export to Flash:

My hopes were raised for a quick and dirty way to make KNP games multiplatform, but there are two big caveats:
1.) It costs $70 American on top of the price of MMF2.
2.) No MIDI support!

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Must make a note so that I don't forget to mess with this after I get back from GDC.

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I've been secretly working

I've been secretly working on a KNP clone that exports to flash so this kind of shits in my sails.

It is however pretty awesome and about the only possible thing that could've gotten me using MMF again. The price didn't hurt much when you consider what the other high-level flash editor costs.

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You see, I was getting a "Page not found" error before, so...