DEMO OF Press A to Slow Down Zone

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THIS IS A DEMO OF a thing I will submit to the collaboration thing, ok hoopefully it works

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An event


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Wow this is lovely and frustrating. (And not in a bad way!) I've noticed that on my first playthrough, I miss probably half of the checkpoints by being in the air. Besides that, it looks to be coming along nicely!

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Thanks man. I tried to put

Thanks man. I tried to put most of the checkpoints in areas where the player won't jump over them but I guess some instincts are hard to fight :P

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Nice concept! I like your

Nice concept! I like your fake gallery. I only made it to x972y1000, though. I suspect I have to fall between the two crosses, but I couldn't manage it once in about a hundred attempts...

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Overall, it was fun and very

Overall, it was fun and very challenging, although I have to agree with what Sergio and xZilas pointed out. I had a hard time getting past x972y1000, which required too much precision for my tastes (maybe cropping the sides of the left cross by just half a tile?), and the shooting enemies in x972y1005 made that screen way too luck-based for me, since they don't follow a completely predictable pattern. I was able to pass the latter without cheating after several tries, but it was only because I lucked out and didn't get shot in the face while jumping over the green bouncers. Don't know if there's a sure-fire winning strategy for this.

I would also suggest to replace some (or all) of the save points with multiple invisible auto-save shifts (with a square collision mask), so the player doesn't miss the checkpoints so easily. I didn't feel this issue particularly aggravating, though, since the challenges I had to retry whenever this happened weren't so hard.

Still, besides those specific issues, the area was very fun (some of the other screens were quite challenging, but not to the point of being demoralizing) and the screens looked pretty good!

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Thanks. I thought 972,1005

Thanks. I thought 972,1005 wouldn't be luck-based since the creatures always shoot upon sight at the same rate of fire and always move up/down a small distance, if anything I thought 974,1000 was more random than that. I'll just limit their movement to one tile (via the enemy stopper) so they can't move around as freely.

Also I made some edits to the cross room, now it's just the T room. Right now I'm replacing the savepoints with ku-style autosaves (good idea).