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Game File: 

the purpose of tinypack is to show appreciation to the humans referenced within.

it is also an attempt to broaden their audience so that they become rich even though i purposely chose people who put out free games. i will always encourage supporting them!!!!!!!

here are the names and twitter handles of the developers:
Adam Le Doux @adamledoux
adamgryu @adamgryu
Blueberry Soft http://blueberrysoft.ryliejamesthomas.net
clyde @cafefiction
Connor Sherlock @teg5511
Daniel Linssen @Managore
DREAMFEEL @dreamfeeel
From Smiling @fromsmiling
FCKGMDV.+++ @fuckgamedev
ihavefivehat @ihavefivehat
Ian MacLarty @muclorty
Stephen Lavelle @increpare
Jack Squires @jsqrs
Kitty Horrowshow @kittyhorrorshow
Marek Kapolka @MarekKapolka
Matthew Keff @matthewkeff
Jord Farrell @Mr_Tedders
Paws Menu @thesaveroom
Pippin Barr @pippinbarr
Protohm Johnny @ProtohmGames
Robert Yang @ radiatoryang
sean @SeanSLeBlanc
sergiocornaga @corneaga
Strangethink @Strangethink23
Terry Cavanagh @terrycavanagh
Sean Wejebe @wedgiebee
Yuliya Kozhemyako (Supr) @suprsupr

to play:

double-click tinypals.html or tinyghosts.html
it should open up in your default browser
they work best with the chrome or firefox.

arrow keys and wasd
r to restart
z to undo last move

anything that moves will only move when you do
pressing left or right to look around does not count as a turn
movement and objects exist on a grid

tinypals: you can take your time and enjoy !
tinyghosts: this is a game where you have to collect 6 items to win. if a ghost (anything that moves) moves into a space right next to you, you will start all over again. it’s more about strategy than action.

Made For: 
An event


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Really good! I favoured the

Really good! I favoured the playstyle of tinypals over tinyghosts. Thanks for including my column! I haven't played several of the other games referenced, I will try to remedy that soon, so I'm glad you packaged such a fun, comprehensive readme file with the game that allows me to do so.

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my purple past

I agree! tinyghosts is kinda hard and frustrating, and the documentation even says that random movement is rarely useful, but when testing it, the rolling mango always scared me, so I had to keep it. It's sort of a survival-horror puzzle game? That just seemed weird to me, so I like it in theory.

And yeah, I'm glad it got you interested in discovering other games, that's an important part of this :)

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This was real neat! Thanks

This was real neat! Thanks for giving Harold a place to stay. I appreciate these games a lot, yo!

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nice. i liked playing and

nice. i liked playing and especially liked the annotated guide that got me excited to try out all those other games in their original form too.