Aonuma Chiasa's Photobook Hunt

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It's good! It is very easy

It's good! It is very easy to avoid death, but once you die, you may get more and more annoying and that makes the game more challenging , which i think is a good thing.
Havent got a good ending yet though, but i will!

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Thanks for playing and

Thanks for playing and commenting! Yes, the difficulty is very uncertain, I've made it quite forgiving, but sometimes you can die even if you are very careful, and especially if you get distracted by looking at the photobooks!

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Surprisingly compelling.

Surprisingly compelling. Made it to level 2 with 35 points, maybe I can do better tomorrow. There's probably a lot to read into here about the implied value of different types of imagery and the necessity of violence to progress through the game.

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Thanks for playing! I myself

Thanks for playing! I myself find the game rather light-hearted, though most of the music turned out to be quite grim. It's just sort of a tribute to the good stuff Japan was full of during the 80s and 90s; the enemies can be seen as "cute abominations", they bear little meaning, so the whole hunt and the necessity of avoiding/destroying them can be seen as cartoonish violence or child's play.

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I didn't reach the ending,

I didn't reach the ending, but I find myself thinking about ownership of one's own image when you are a pop-star.

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Yeah, that is a tough

Yeah, that is a tough question, since a person basically turns into a brand, project, company name etc. because other people are involved - photographers, producers etc. That's one of the obvious dark sides of show business, even if the end product is genuinely attractive and has some actual artistic/cultural value. I think the 80s and the 90s were the crazy times for Japan in that sense. Many of such stars use pseudonyms to protect their identity from capitalistic destruction, but it's still not enoguh to make a clear difference between a person and a product. Maybe that's why the game has some sad elements like music and lack of upbeat atmosphere in general...

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My original comment is

My original comment is largely in reference to the way I rhetoricize the actual mechanics and themeing of this particular game. It feels like I am Aonuma Chiasa herself, regathering her images in order to control their use.

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I see, thanks for clarifying

I see, thanks for clarifying your perspective, I find it very interesting! I'm glad to know that the game turned out to be so immersive!