Jumper Two: Ancient Challenge (etc)

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Long ago when I was but a wee child, I made a Jumper Two level set called Danger Factory. I never thought it was good enough to show anyone. I occasionally went back to it to polish it up, always regretting never showing it off. In 2014, I finally mustered the courage to storm into the forums as a new member and make known my works... The forums were dead. I'd waited too long for the J2 community. So instead I tried to email Matt himself and got back a simple "I'm amazed people still play this!" My hopes were dashed again. Now, on a whim, I throw the name into Google and find a dream: Someone's asking for J2 levels. I can hardly believe this!

This submission contains two level files: The original "Danger Factory" (because I want it to see the light of day), and "Ancient Challenge," the followup which without this contest would never have been. The difficulty curve may be a little steep, but that's Jumper.

Thank you and enjoy!

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Hi, thanks for joining our

Hi, thanks for joining our community! Since you made two sectors, feel free to submit them separately, if you'd like.

I haven't gotten very far but so far I like what I've seen of Danger Factory. It has some interesting challenges besides the usual jumping puzzles, and it makes me want to explore what can be done with crates in the engine.

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"Danger Factory" was

"Danger Factory" was included only for the sake of completeness and personal pride. Since it was made a long while back, I figured it wouldn't be suitable for contest submission. I could separate them if that'd be better, though.

I am curious why the thumbnail is showing up as the cover for "We Used to Live Together" on the contest page...

Additionally, my computer finally received the mandatory Windows 10 Creator's Update... and I can no longer open the editor. Hopefully a further update unbreaks that, or I'll be unable to play other submissions let alone make more stuff.

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Neat sectors! I'm glad we

Neat sectors! I'm glad we both happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Ancient Challenge is pretty devastating so far, and it feels very innovative as well.