Rabbit Game

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This was made originally for Johnny's MS Paint jam. I liked the challenge and potential of mspaint, especially in how it doesn't allow for alpha channels, so everything has to be a big rectangle. It took a long time to figure out what the game was, and once I realized it it was kind of depressing how big the scope had to be, but I don't think it spiraled out of control too much. There are a lot of paths, and they intersect in strange ways. Don't feel like you have to find them all or anything, of course.

Also, as a heads up, it's a game about wild animals & it can get a little violent and a little sexual, so watch out!

Marek Kapolka
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This was an unexpectedly

This was an unexpectedly expansive game compared to the prompt, and I have to say that it's really well done! I particularly liked how everything sort of ties together in one way or the other, so the game will find a way to loop no matter what path you choose (kind of like real life, in a way).

All in all, good stuff! If this were submitted to the MSPaintJam on itch.io (unfortunately the time ran out on that) I imagine it would've been at the top!

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I like how it has a

I like how it has a narrative tone of existential futility but all the art makes the endless cycle feel worthwhile.

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kick it

i finally decided to try to make sense of it. the first time i played i just didn't get it and was completely satisfied that way. i have a tendency to want to move from games quickly but i ended up with 30/29