Dog Is Hungry

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dog is hungry by TheCakeFlavor
I made this game in a week for ID TECH summer camp in 2012.
I still play it now and then, and I had a couple friends play it competitively a while ago.
credit to kmarinsh and fucking everett for bug-finding and getting the secret volcano door ending.


the exe is in there twice, i know
arrow keys to move, up to climb, ctrl to jump, space to shoot, because i hate good controls
i know the iphone joke isnt funny,
don't fall in holes
the ladders suck really bad, i know.
some blocks break when you shoot them (others don't)
animals deal damage
the FOUR FROG ROOM is a survival thing, i think its set to 30 seconds
also yes, you CAN'T shoot up, cry some more
the owl cannot be killed, only stunned. the more you shoot it, the more it is stunned.
the final frog brothers cannot be killed, and only serve to avenge the cows.
Challenge.exe is garbage, don't even consider opening it. Don't even bother.

find readme for secret info

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Very nice! I thought I was

Very nice! I thought I was doing OK but I got a game over at the camel. Excellent music there, where's it from?

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The camel is the hardest

The camel is the hardest part, but it's the last part, and if you got through the rest you can probably defeat the camel without too much effort.

All the music is taken from the editor I was using. It was multimedia fusion or something, if I remember correctly. The .mfa file probably has all the assets in it, it couldn't be too hard to extract with the free version that they have on their website. I might do that when I find the time.