Smells Like Klikmas... 2017

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Hello everyone! Time for me to crawl out of the woodwork (well, out from underneath some non-digital projects and a demanding day job) to see if there's interest for another Sekret Santa Khistmas Klickmas game event!

For those of you unaware, the Sekret Santa game jam is a yearly event that I've helped make happen for the past couple years. It's a way for us to show appreciation for one another as game makers, and embrace our creative muscle-flexing tendencies. There are also some Santa GIFs involved. Here's how it works:
- Everyone who wants to participate makes a "wish list" of what they want to see in a game.
- In early December, I mix up the names in a proverbial hat and ask someone I know to draw the names for me. They will use my username to send you a message letting you know who you're supposed to make a game for.
- Refer to the list - casually or dogmatically - and create a game, posting it before the New Year (give or take a few days, eh?).
- Play the heck outta some brand new games made for people right here at GT!!!

If there's enough interest, I'll set up the event in the next week or so. So let us know you want to jump in on it! :D

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That sure is a high FPS

That sure is a high FPS Santa.

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...Any chance of another Dragon Chistmas this year? You really aced PuzzleScript with last year's entry.

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Hmm, I really ought to make

Hmm, I really ought to make another festive game for 2017. I don't think it's going to be the same format again, because I'm fresh out of ideas. Might make something in Click, or even a SNES homebrew. We'll see...

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i love doing these but i

i love doing these but i never finished last year's, so i don't know :s

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I just became a father

I just became a father (woho) so it's hard to say how this is going to play out for me as well, with a screaming baby in the background and all. But I'll try to make something simple at least. Aim low! Make a shitty game :P

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I'm in! And yeah, that

I'm in!

And yeah, that Santa sure is hi-res. What marvels the future holds for us...

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my god

if you havent yet, make sure you stare at santa's boots in that top gif

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I am more than definitely up

I am more than definitely up for this!

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Oh man, I've been absent for too long. I'm glad I didn't miss the wishlist deadline. I'll definitely be participating.