BINKY I: Binky's House Party

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The first of the award winning BINKY series.
BINKY throws a house party. Only Mutant Joe shows up.

How horrible!

Marie Gevaudan
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An event


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I miss screaming skull

I miss screaming skull

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Screaming Skull is actually

Screaming Skull is actually the name of a 1958 horror film but I don't remember if I was thinking of the movie when I wrote this.

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What a party.....

It's a shame nobody with the exception of Mutant Joe came to the party.....

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this game makes me so sad. i

this game makes me so sad. i want a button to push to say to mutant joe, "i know right? what a disaster." I feel like some commiseration is in order here. A party where only one person shows up is devastating, but it can be transformed into an intimate moment with a good friend. But in the moment these things aren't obvious. poor BINKY...

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Binky might should have put

Binky might should have put some feelers before just sending out an invitation and expecting everyone would come. Some of those people might hate each other or this could be taking place on a Tuesday at 10am.

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I like how you move through

I like how you move through the invitation list when you pace around. It's like Binky is just going through all the names over and over again while examining the cakes and trying to distract themself from Mutant Joe being such a downer.

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I was not aware of this

I was not aware of this quirk of clickteam games... but if it works, it works!