BINKY II: Binky of Venus

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The second of the award winning BINKY series.

Binky is on Venus, but why?

Marie Gevaudan
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I really like the way these

I really like the way these clickteam games let you stick a text box into your game wherever. I don't think I've wrapped my head around the effect of it fully, but I think one of clyde's games did the same thing so it's be come A Thing and I think it's cool. Somehow it reminds me of this picasso piece, "still life with chair caning," in the way that it blends elements from different orders: representative imagery, actual artefacts, and fake tromp l'oeil materials.

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Interesting comment, very

Interesting comment, very large picture. I think this is what I tend to do with my KnP/Clickteam stuff... throwing a bunch of stuff together to make a weird little story. I think it works for me

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I can't believe I neglected

I can't believe I neglected to play this when it was new!! This one is really driving home for me everythingstaken comments of claustrophobia in the binky series... really, this one is giving me a lot of odd feelings. it's clickteam, it's a style of binky that has not been seen in a year, and it is before the expanded cast came into existence. also, venus is a scary place to be trapped, and I Feel bad for binky for not having lunch!!