Lamp Eating Simulator 2017

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As usual, most of the info is in txt file. Loud sounds.

UPDATE looks like EXE isn't working again for some reason, for now you need to launch GAM with TGF. I'll try to fix that...

UPDATE 2 but maybe it actually works, please tell me if it does/doesn't

UPDATE 3 Awarded with Box Of Spells as the funniest game of 2017 Sunfish Game Of The Year competition!

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An event


Well done!

poor philosophy teacher

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Glad you enjoyed it! The measures were necessary, I assure you...

damn, why is exe broken again, what did i do

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The EXE works fine on my

The EXE works fine on my second PC, just tested it...

It works

Launched the GAM through Fusion and it works fine. I like your hammer sprite. :)

I noticed that in the Heart Eater stage the score is subtracted instead of added. Is this by design? If this is so, can you set the counter to go into negative numbers?

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Thanks for feedback! Yes,

Thanks for feedback!

Yes, the score in third level is designed to go into negatives, it symbolizes the peak of nightmarish atmosphere and the end of a dream (hence the whitish score screen). I'm sure you can set the minimal number in the counter as negative, but I didn't use counter, I used "score" object, and it doesn't need min/max values - if you tell the event to substract from the score, it can go into minus automatically.

Heeeeeeeeey wait a minute...

Toilet Paper Eating Sim 2013
oh oops you told me it was unintended, haha good coincidence anyway

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It wasn't an intended

It wasn't an intended reference, but I did remember afterwards that your unfinished game's name sounded similar! So you can count it as an "intuitive allusion" I guess...

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My hunger for lamps has been

My hunger for lamps has been sated... At least for now...