Infernal Games: The Collection

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Yeah the whole collection is back!
Now it also has the games i made back in december, with the exception of a few that were lost: MIND3D, Galaxa Invader. And some other ones that were lost in january.
Why is there an installer? Because the program is a launcher, so instead of having to search thru files for the laucnher i made it easier to just install and have the shortcut on your desktop.
Read the manual for any other info,

C3KSoftware, 2017

If the launcher wont work, tell me to know that, cause while it seems to work nicely for everyone,... IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME!

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Good to see you back!

Good to see you back!

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I was wondering where you

I was wondering where you went! Your games are really striking, definitely good that they're available again.

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These games look good! I've

These games look good! I've gotta try them!

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I'm really impressed with the RUM series, and where you'd taken it through the various sequels. Nice work!