Smilie Screensaver

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This is a result of experimenting with TGF screensaver making capabilities! I'm rather satisfied with this one, it used to be released on a certain forum, now I decided to upload it here with an update. It is also my vision of how the lost Kubusian game about smilies could have looked like, strangely enough I imagine it as a screensaver, and not as a game proper...

Instructions in the archive. Should work with different screen resolutions.

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Great screensaver

Great screensaver, once i launched it my computer achieved a new level of screensaving. Absolutely perfect!

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Thanks! Hopefully I'll make

Thanks! Hopefully I'll make some more screensavers in the future!

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yes now my computer is

yes now my computer is infected with the spirit of KUBUS!!
thank you macabre!!! :-)

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i was just reading something

i was just reading something and it popped and i got a fuckin jumpscare lmao good work macabre!!!

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Thanks for using it! I'm

Thanks for using it! I'm glad you like its scare factor and kubusness!

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cool and nice

don;'t think I'm going to get this to work on linux sadly but it looks like a very nice screen saver perhaps I would go as far as to say beautiful

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After making the first

After making the first version of it, I remembered that you and Beanie (who uses Mac) won't be able to appreciate it :( I have more screenshots at my page . Good to hear you've found it nice regardless! Is TGF stuff absolutely Wine-proof? I've heard that KNP sort of works...

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I don't think tgf works

well I got to the bit where it asks if you want to run it with sound but then it never appears.
typically of infernal that website you linked to no longer seems to exist :p
it's too bad because I think I would like to use this screen saver but I guess I'll just have to put it on a windows computer one day

btw sorry for always being slow to reply

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Whoops, looks like Infernal

Whoops, looks like Infernal is experimenting again..!
Hmm, looks like Windows is the only way then...

It's alright, don't worry about timing!

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saw the screenshots on the

saw the screenshots on the new infernal site, looks nice

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Thanks :3

Thanks :3