Super Juni Breakout

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A rather fancy waste of time by yours truly. Help Juni escape the game loop by hitting all bricks in the correct order, or just bounce around pointlessly until the KS engine explodes in a raging fire due to memory leaks. The choice is yours! There's also a rather tricky and somewhat-hard-to-find secret ending, complete with bonus art.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you play this level in the original Knytt Stories v1.2.1. Mods (KS+, KS Ex...) are NOT recommended, since most of them slow down shifts quite a bit.

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I found the movement of the

I found the movement of the paddle annoying (even with the shifts causing slo-mo) so I ended up doing the secret ending first.

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Thanks for giving it a try!

Thanks for giving it a try! Yeah, the paddle movement is very jittery and the hit detection is not exactly the best. The character will sometimes go right through the paddle if you try to land too close to the borders. Also, the slowdown caused by the constant shifting can be a pain, especially if you manage to stay alive for more than a minute. I've only tested the level on a Core i3 3.2GHz machine, though. It might be a bit more playable on faster CPUs... or maybe even the opposite!

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For me it was less about the

For me it was less about the jerkiness of the paddle and more to do with how fast it is, especially compared to Juni's speed. It felt weird not being able to land on the paddle again without a double jump most of the time.

I think Wine for whatever reason adds a small delay to shifts/screen transitions, so those take a bit longer than on native Windows.