Dentist Bathroom V Resurrection

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I remember that people here had good thoughts on the previous games in the series, so i decided to post the fifth, newest game in series!

The story ended very long ago... so why is there a new game? Play to find out!
The game features some experimental things, hope you will enjoy the new stuff.
There is not much content compared to game 2 or 3, so i added a secret place, to visit it, you must be very lucky OR Hold P and press i in the hall before the exit door. Enjoy the game!

this is the final end in the bathroom DENTIST series, unless i'll have more appointments this year.
More bathroom games will be out soon!

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The game is a bit sad, but

The game is a bit sad, but the secret part ROCKS!!! Nice chikin party

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great game

nice game it is very good. the outdoors bit reminds me of alien invasion 2 or something else
sounds are good also the wall images with the brown dots are real good I liek that

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thanks amigo friendoes!!

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i love the graphix. makes me

i love the graphix. makes me want to do more 2d stuff