Salt Bug

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This game is a platform game where you are a bug that comes out of some salt and then you must get away from the rising tide by going into the sky, and also you must kill the humans and some hippies and some creatures so you can steal their land.
you use the arrow keys to move and nothing else, also holding down and up in the air change how you jump.
you can jump on enemies but do not be hit by bullets

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An event


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Goooooooooooooood game. Will

Goooooooooooooood game. Will sugar beetle be released too?
there is one level where after some quite hard tricks mr.weed man shoots me to death, any tips?

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I will make a reskin for sugar beetle.
you mean the tall weed man... hmmmm.... if you hold the down button you can kinda slide across the floor which is helpful in those situations. it's still a bit hard but you can manage eventually, you also need to find a good time to get on the safe side of the weed attacks relative to the wall if you know what I mean

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Pretty Great, Pretty Tough

I like the movement and how you're stuck in place until you jump, but then have a lot of ability to move where you go when you're in the air.

This is tough, but it's a good game. Well done!

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I'm glad you didn't get turned off by the difficulty as I know a few people have been.
some parts of the game are hard but kinda rubbish but I think that a game with funny mechanics needs to be reasonably hard to force the player to kinda get a connection with the controls and mechincs or something

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A bug's life sure is hard,

A bug's life sure is hard, but fun!

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maybe I should make a

maybe I should make a holiday version where he can relax a bit more

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I’d love 

I’d love to see that!

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sick, i dont' think I've

sick, i dont' think I've seen another game with that mechanic where you can't move unless you jump. it feels really good too.
the game is awesome visually and musically. I couldn't get past that first jump after you beat the first boss though. I love the music in that level though. is this your music?

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I have played a few game

I have played a few game maker games in which you unintentionally couldn't move unless jumping, so I thought it would be nice to turn into an intentional mechanic.
yeah I did make the music, thankyou, glad you liked it.