Spindley n' Snuggles Forever - for capt_haistings!

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Happy Holidays, capt_haistings! I made a game for you.

In Phase 1, you play as Spindley Q. Wizard, and shoot colored blocks in specific patterns to create cat toys. Push them into the "Keepers" box to store them, or push them to the left to destroy them. Once the timer runs out, your energy runs dry, or you collect 10 cat toys the phase ends.
CONTROLS: Up, Down, Left, Right, SHIFT/CTRL. Gamepad buttons are BUTTON 1/BUTTON 2.

In Phase 2, you play as Snuggles, and you play with the cat toys Spindley Q. Wizard had collected in the previous phase.
CONTROLS: Up, Down, Left, Right.

Try for a high score (recorded during a single play session).

The game works with a gamepad/joystick! To enable it, press CTRL + Y, click the box next to "Joystick" for Player 1, and then click on OK.


The wish list from capt_haistings:
A game that includes a few characters and one of them is a cat/human hybrid. Also I like sounds. If there is any challenge to it hopefully it will be easy because I like to win

Game made in Clickteam Fusion Dev by let-off-studios.
Sounds made in BFXR.
Background music from playonloop.com (THANK YOU!) and created by let-off-studios at tones.wolfram.com (THANK YOU!)
SpindleyQ as Wizard graphic by gevaudan. (THANK YOU!)
Gemstone and explosion graphics by Clickteam. (THANK YOU!)
All other graphics by let-off-studios.
Voice recordings of and by let-off-studios.
Title inspired (I guess) by the "Henry + Glenn Forever" comics. It just seemed to fit. :)

Sometimes in Phase 1, cat toys will be immovable by the player. Fortunately, there's no limit to the number of toys that can be on the screen, and although the player can't move them, other toys can push against or stack on top of them. Use them to push the untouchable object where you want them to go.

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I love the voice acting.

I love the voice acting.

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My favorite part was

My favorite part was definitely the meows during the bossy cat speech.
It took a little while to figure out the box breaking configuration plan (actually I cheated, clyde told me) and after that I got like every cat toy you can get.
Playing with the cat toys is very satisfying!!! I want a million scratch posts.
I could totally watch that cat for hours!
Thanks for the game!

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Happy to hear you've enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun making it... Particularly with the voice recording. There was a nearby mastiff that wanted to howl every time I made the voice for the wizard. It was a trip. :)

Make the most of your New Year, capt_haistings! :D

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nice voice acting!

nice voice acting!

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fresh born

danggggg this is so awesome in every way possible!! lol

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As the titular wizard, I

As the titular wizard, I approve of this game.

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I am a big fan of short

I am a big fan of short sequential games! Even though the causal relationship between the gifts you receive in game 1 and the minigames in game 2 is simple, it's a really nice touch. Feels oddly satisfying to have the wizard push gifts around.

EDIT: This wasn't meant to be a response to your comment, Spindley. I am bad at computer.