Dongers MINI- Harmonium- for mkapolk!

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Merry kliksmas and I hope you jump into the new year well and enjoy the game, mr. mkapolk!
Enjoy Harmonium, one of the most classic magical instruments from the places of Dreamworld!
Sadly, the game doesn't support sound recording but you can always use an external sound recording program. I recommend Audacity!

I would also like to thank all the friends that helped with development and to carry out this project! - Dany Burton, beanstalk, Brutalmoon, InfernalBeast and Old Man Razal from Dreamworld!

for more magical products:
come by sometime! ;)

Have fun!

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Aaaaah I love it!! The

Aaaaah I love it!! The samples are so tight and I like that it's in one of those keys where you can just mash the buttons and the notes harmonize. Tell all your friends thank you so much! I love the way the size of the window and the design make it look like one of those little synth doodads you can get. QUACK

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thank you very much!! im so

thank you very much!! im so glad youre enjoying it, i will definitely tell all of them, some of em actually had quite some fun playing around with the program themselves :)
hope you will use it for some kind of game song!

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the coolest part is how cute and fun the interface is. i wish more tools were this neat. it's fun making noises! i do love star mode

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thank you very much! i hope

thank you very much! i hope to bring more good and cute things in the future! ^^

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noice app

noice app
the overall design is very cute and nice, nice sounds too

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I've always wanted to make

I've always wanted to make something like this! Fun instrument to play.
Would be super cool if this was expanded with ways to adjust volume and tone duration.

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thank you! i was hoping to

thank you! i was hoping to do something like that with one of these gadgets but i don't think game maker really supports it. if i ever move over to a different game-development tool, i'll be sure to create a sequel with more keys, options and things to play with ;-)