hot shark for our friend drambique very nice

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hi drambique :) and other human sapiens :D :D

goal is to find the collision box at top lol . follow the cookies and higher notes!!

note: there is invisible sloped plane to get you to the starting gun lol

here's the requests:
- guns!
> i dunno how to make a fps, and i don't do killing in my games, so i did this instead :P
- good movement
> i used johnny's firstperson controller!
- piano jazz
> i wanted to make my own soundtrack and i don't know how to play music, so... um... lol.
- neon signs
> i love neon! my dream job when i was a kid was to become a neon artist
- sugar cookies
> i used to make sugar cookies with family and decorate them. these are cookies from probably 2013 & 2014?

unity 5.whatever is newest
logic pro x i only used stock instruments lol
protohm first-person controller
some free unity assets guns:

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This is pretty cool! I like

This is pretty cool! I like how you took the various elements of dramb's request and made a lil abstract world to platform around in

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Best Gift Ever

Wow! This game is incredible! I love what you've done with the guns. The atmosphere and music built a very interesting world. The whole thing made a very interesting playground to explore. Thank you for making this.

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Ahh I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D :D

p.s. i'm really grateful you didn't ask for anything that required any programming lol

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This was an incredible

This was an incredible platforming game that recontexualizes game weaponry and also had some tasty looking cookies floatin around which I dig

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floaty jump is the best jump

I love it in games when I get to jump and really get the jumping on the moon feeling. It's so fun!
The cookies were the best.