is closed so what other community is left?

Hi all ! I took some distance from the game-making frenzy the past last years and few days ago I had the displeasure to see that the forums are down! Hopefully Glorioustrainwrecks is still up and running, but where else is the fun happening now? was not very active but it was my favorite place (along with GT) in terms of contents and member behaviour

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Some of us hang out in this

Some of us hang out in this discord pretty regularly.

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Hey lilinx! Nice to see you

Hey lilinx! Nice to see you about again.

The discord chat Clyde posted is where i go for my nice game chattin', but I've also just started a Mastodon instance at which I hope gets a similar kinda crowd. In the next couple of days (when my Christmas game's done?) there'll be a forum at too.

If you're not familiar with Mastodon it's kinda like Twitter with better privacy controls, nicer people, and not controlled by some big company.

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Having the main domain pointing to one server and the subdomain pointing to another is something I hadn't done before, but i got it working :)

I'll do the SSL/HTTPS in a mo' hopefully.

whoops broken. Jinxed myself

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Okay it works now ;D

Okay it works now ;D

SSL an' all.

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Good to see you again!

Good to see you again! Speaking of dead websites, whatever happened to

Hi Sergio ! I stopped paying

Hi Sergio ! I stopped paying for it ...
I guess I should put my games on GT and some day, I think I have most of them on my hard drive