Germology for akair

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in this game you have to use different kinds of medicine with the mouse to batel. it is set in summer implicitly
also you click to progress though the cutscenes. yeayaeh

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An event


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great sound effects

great sound effects

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thanks you

thanks you


It's cool to see your experiments and growth while using the Godot tool you were raving about in a blog post here. Well done!

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withering of light

wow i love the cutscenes and this game was ridiculous lol

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Pure adrenochrome is the

Pure adrenochrome is the best medicine! >:)

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I'm an amazing doctor and no

I'm an amazing doctor and no one seems to appreciate that and also now I don't trust probiotics.

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Hahaha fucking insane game! Very easy going and I could totally feel the warm cozy summer weather outside of the patients stomach. Proud to say I beat it! Everything just seemed to make the pineal gladns grow but I found something that worked!

Fantastic game! Thank you very much! :D

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i like the cutscenes' mix of

i like the cutscenes' mix of manic and arbitrary tone. the game was really confusing. i just clicked buttons until i won, but it seemed like i was doing something interesting. the aspect ratio makes it feel like it'd make a cool mobile game.

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holy shit it's gladns

holy shit it's gladns