Monster Truck Power Fantasy (for Stranger)

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Merry Klikmas, Stranger! I only had the past week to work on this, so I wasn't able to meet the entire prompt. What I have been able to provide is a very large monster truck and large things for it to run over, as well as some sharp things for it to avoid, and a monster truck-themed song.

Windows only. Extract the .zip, yadda yadda, game itself should be self-explanatory. Hope ya like it!

EDIT: Just replaced this with an updated version - bug fixes, difficulty tweaks (more forgiving and fair overall), and some graphical improvements (truck shaking, building variety)

EDIT 2: Updated the game again, fixed a bug and added subtitle support

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Song Ending = Game Ending

Current High Score: 26880

It's always fun to play a game that ends when the song ends. It's like a music video and game rolled into one. Didn't expect to see you make a 3D game! Is this also in Game Maker Studio?

Difficulty scales up nicely in this. Makes me think of rooftop decks in our city... :)

Well done!

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Thanks! It was made in GM:S,

Thanks! It was made in GM:S, yeah.

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that was really good! I

that was really good! I loved the song, which really fit the game.

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leave the drummer out there

lol this is amazing but my score is zero because i didn't pay attention to tire the song is so good i hope it makes you rich

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It's super funny listening

It's super funny listening to the song about how I can run over anything because I have a monster truck while I obsessively obsess about my tire integrity. There are some things I can't run down, and I seem to hit them all!! I enjoy the pace of the truck a lot. Slow enough that I feel in control and fast enough that I hit everything on accident.

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My wipers are set to

My wipers are set to kill.

I just watched a documentary about the Pruitt-Igoe housing project last night; that had an impact on how I experienced the game.

Also I ended up downloading some Bauhaus to listen to because of this game.

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That's funny! I think that

That's funny! I think that this is the third game I've made where my design decisions have been subconsciously influenced by Baltimore City housing.

I actually haven't listened to Bauhaus, but now that I do, I see the similarity.

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god DAMN that ruled. good

god DAMN that ruled. good job landing PJ harvey to do the vocals

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Thank you! "I Have a Monster

Thank you! "I Have a Monster Truck" is my favorite track from Dry. :p

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The song was really good,

The song was really good, and so was the game!