Collab Jam

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Fri, Jan 19 2018 12:00 AM
01/19/2018 - 00:00
02/18/2018 - 23:59

Collab Jam 2018

Collab Jam is a chance to work together with another randomly assigned member from GT!
You may work together in any way you can agree on.

How To Join:

1. Leave a comment below to be added to the list of collaborators.
2. Once the Jam starts, you will receive a PM with your collaborators name.
3. Communicate with them here or through the unofficial Discord, or however you both prefer!
4. Work together to produce 1 final game.


In your sign up comment, leave a few general things you're interested. Probably keep entire game ideas for discussion later. But listing themes, inspirations, etc could help your collaborator to understand your mindset.

[Specific Person] and I would like to work together

Great! To make sure you don't accidentally get assigned with somebody else, please don't leave a comment below. That won't disqualify you from posting your collab games to this event! [Specific Person] and you can work together to produce 1 final game and then submit it here by the deadline.

I can't / don't want to code

No problem! I'm assuming we won't end up with more than 50% of the collaborators like this, so it won't be an issue. But if you can't or don't want to code during this jam, make sure to say so in your comment.

Games made for Collab Jam


Hey so yeah! I have only

Hey so yeah! I have only ever programmed on flash so I wouldn't be SUPER helpful programming-wise but I'm ready to learn quickly! I like the idea of a game on Renpy but if my partner is into something different then I'll flex. I'm in school so I'll regularly be available at night.

Sign me up!

Will be best with design and writing, proficient w programming, and will happily strain myself for abstract or simplified art, and jump off a cliff for sound design.

Interested in absurd, mechanically interesting games.

Open to analog or digital

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I am interested in fast paced games, whether is a bullet hell, shoot em up, or even a platformer, im in love with anything that is arcade like, therefore, im interested in making a difficult game. im also in love with Rogue-like / Rogue-lites.
I dont really mind any ideas, as long as they are fast, difficult and hopefully interesting, im sure we'll eventually take care of the execution.
I do not work with 3D. I can take care of the code and the art, and im looking for a partner that is willing to put the same effort as me.
I like introducing deep or a lot of background lore inside games, even simple ones, so i need someone with strong writing or narrative skills.

Sounds awesome

I find the idea of working together with a new person really awesome. I am most proficient with 2D Platformers, but would also like to learn something new. I like to code and would love to take on that role in this jam. Other than coding i can also do some simple pixel art which should help collaborating with an artist.

Just want an artist

I'll take anyone as a teammate as long as they are an artist

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Thanks for participating in Collab Jam 2018! The Jam is now live

Check your Messages for your partner's username.

Reminder: The purpose of Collab Jam is to work together to make something you are both excited by, and can both enjoy working on. Communicate with your partner to agree on how, when, and what you are making.

Any questions? Please send me a PM here or on Discord. My Discord user name is “Phil”. If you have any issues at all do not hesitate to PM me. If you partner is unresponsive or you’re unable to contact them, PM me and I will help sort things out.

I wish everyone a fun and collaborative Jam. Please submit your game before the deadline of February 18, 11:59PM PST

Have fun!

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I'm generally interested in

I'm generally interested in high fidelity interactions and anything with detailed functionality / virtual versions of real life objects. My games tend to lean closer toward toys rather than games. I also like good sound effects and immersive sound scapes.

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i wanna make a game where i

i wanna make a game where i don't have to do any programming. lemme do some art or levels or music or sounds or something. i'm not good at any of those but we'll have fun.

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this is a really good idea

this is a really good idea for a jam!

i am interested in doing something with aesthetic features from old games/computers/etc while avoiding making an Authentic Retro Experience. things like low resolutions, limited/cycling colour palettes, tile- or text-based graphics, sprite-based 3d, limited viewports, no scrolling etc.,

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uh, I'd like to work on basically whatever as long as I don't have to 3D model, would be fun to work in 3D if I had some 3D/2D assets to work with

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I'm shit at programming

I'm shit at programming anything but puzzlescript games, and I can't do audio. That basically leaves me with graphics and level design. I like Knytt Stories, hardcore platformers (namely Jumper) and random games with level editors that nobody makes levels for.

EDIT: I may be able to do music, certainly not the best music; but still can't do sfx.

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I feel like this is an

I feel like this is an opportunity I can't pass up. I'd prefer to aim for something small and low-obligation due to generally lacking time/energy/enthusiasm, but I'm hardly going to complain about scope if I manage to get really into it!

Not a programer but a decent 3-D Artist and Animator

I'm mostly interested in more story-driven games with a decent amount of both feels and emotion, but also have a special place in my heart for games that are crazy, random, and epic for the sole purpose to be crazy, random, and EPIC... and city builders... I have a strong unironic love for city builders. I can't do any programming besides bad programming, but I find myself fairly comfortable making 3D assets, Rigging, and Animating. My perfect match would be someone strong in programming and willing to listen to me ramble about ideas until I realize how much of a pain I am. I can't help it, my parents were cacti.

I'm looking forward to this I think this Jam is a fantastic idea ^^

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Here 'goes

Like most people here, game design is my main thing, however I am also good at programming and music. I'm willing to do art, and probably should do it to get better. I'm not great at it, and because of that I usually avoid it in my own projects.

At the moment, I'm most interested in interesting systems. I don't usually go for things like dating sims, visual novels, etc. I like procedural generated content to some extent, like levels and music. Puzzle games are my jam, art games are cool. Above all - I like things that are experimental and weird.