Donkey Kong's Revenge for danyburton Klikmas game

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Merry Klikmas Danny Burton!
This is a visual novel where you play as Donkey Kong and try and plan a murder and get away with it.

***Sound is pretty important for many of the endings of this game****

***I tried to finish by the deadline and there are a million combos here so I couldn't play test them all, so if you find something is wrong or leads to the wrong place or you didn't say something it says you said or someone doesn't leave the screen or your jump doesn't happen (you get the idea) let me know and I will fix it!

Warnings: murder, violence, somewhat graphic images. Also references to: miscarriage, alcoholism, misogyny, and family death.

chrissy aka capt_haistings aka cmonster
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rent i pay

this changed my mind about avoiding 'fan fiction' because this was entertaining and... kind of funny? lol. anyways i usually dislike visual novels but this was fun.

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I got pretty spooked when it turned out Mario was gone, since I framed him. I still won though. I really considered not killing link to hang out with pauline too, but I decided that I came into the game with murderous intent so that wouldn't be a satisfying end. Made me laugh too.


Played through a couple (wildly different) endings and was thoroughly entertained. The various bits of music you selected work excellently.

Nice work!

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Wow, that was tense. This

Wow, that was tense. This game had my heart racing. Really well written.

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hell yeah this is a good

hell yeah this is a good christmas

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this was amazing. the

this was amazing. the choices all feel extremely relevant, and the way they play out makes perfect sense but aren't at all obvious. it feels a lot like a phoenix wright game from the killer's perspective. the ability to just not do the murder and have a happy romance ending is nice too.

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This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite things to come out of this jam so far! Chose love during my first playthrough, but I'll have to revisit this.

i just played the best

i just played the best visual novel of my fricking life!

it's been a while since i've

it's been a while since i've revisted this link. i just want to say i once looked forward to dedicating myself to writing a really long review of this game while on a long plane ride. however, i got too groggy on the plane and couldn't concentrate. it doesn't take me long to replay this game and find thoughts flooding back into my head as i play it however. donkey kong, your revenge, so true, is close to my heart!

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Thanks Lillyan

You are the best as usual Lillyan! I hope you are doing well .Thanks for playing this so long after it has been sitting here. I hope one day DK finds love too!