Bathroom Gang Bang III: The Final Bang

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After the death of Horny Fucker and Woman Fucker you got real sad cause there is no one to gang bang with now.
Retard Fucker must go and eliminate John Asshole to avenge his friends. But this went wrong... because ahead of him, lies a secret base of John Asshole, filled with traps and stuff. GO PLAY IT NOW.

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beautiful wonderful game it

beautiful wonderful game it is a delight
john asshole robot pushed me out of the screen in the fight with him and then I quit for the time being because those spike levels made me feel like I was getting dementia

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thank you dany, hhhuh wow

thank you dany, hhhuh wow that robot is an asshole... well that was pretty much the end of the game, there were only a few cutscenes after that , so you beat it good.