Slot Car: Racing Revelations

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A game I made for Global Game Jam 2018 in about 36 hours, as a one-person "team." The theme was "transmission."

This is a retro-styled, score-attack arcade game where interesting scoring mechanics are hidden behind a simply-controlled slot car racing game. Each round you race, you score as many points as possible. Between races, you choose one of five different areas of innovation to improve:
- INFECT: spread a killer zombie virus
- ENTERTAIN: broadcast your car races on the Internet
- TRANSCEND: discover the hidden meaning behind your "car" "race"
- TINKER: improve your track and your car, and even invest in an AI opponent to race against
- PLAY: just be a kid...!

Each Innovation improves your score in certain ways, though they may not immediately be obvious. Try for a high score!

Most of the art assets were from Clickteam (I made this with CT Fusion) but I made the rest. Special fonts were found at Dafont ( . Sounds were made with BFXR ( Background music from Play on Loop (

I'll periodically be updating this file, as I could only do so much bug-squashing during the game jam. It's mostly feature-complete. If you find any issues or thing something's broken, please share it here.

Thanks, and enjoy!!!

(NOTE: game is downloaded from a Dropbox link)

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stupid other car

I can't believe I went and invited that other car onto the track when they don't know how to stay in their lane!! Meanwhile I seem to get greedy with the second gear. I really liked the choice mechanic in between racing, it was fun to see what the things did.

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Right on! Thanks for

Right on! Thanks for playing!

(have you attained enlightenment yet?)

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I can't even figure out how

I can't even figure out how to stay on the track for more than one circuit. The gears are HARD for me. Plus that other car can kick me off the track but when I come up on them they STILL kick me off the track. Is enlightenment really a thing you can win on here???

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Yes, enlightenment is

Yes, enlightenment is possible. Sometimes a race isn't won by the fastest...

(think about the "Transcend" perk tree...)

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And I've been thinking about doing an update to this. Your issues with the AI car came to mind.

I'm considering allowing the player to knock the AI car off the track without wrecking if they're going fast enough. I personally found it annoying if you end up being stuck behind the AI car - which moves flawlessly, but slower than the player when they're in high gear.

I'll be sure to post news of any updates, particularly so if they deal with the AI car issue.

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Screen shots or it didn't happen. Nothing personal. :)