1hgj - Bomb Defuser

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Made for One Hour Game Jam #144: Time Travel.

Click your left mouse button on the coloured wires in the proper order to defuse the bomb, and save lives.

Also includes the source file, made in Clickteam Fusion Dev (MFA).


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An event


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So many lives saved!

I like how deceptively difficult this is. It's like I think it's easy to match colors but then I'm also under pressure from a timer counting down and before I know it everyone is dead. It fun.

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Happy to see someone has played it! I appreciate your comments.

It has an addictive pick-up-and-play vibe that I wasn't anticipating when I started this. I was just coming down from the Global Game Jam and had the mantra, "keep it simple, keep it simple, keep it simple" droning through my head. Matching colours seemed to make the most sense for the amount of time I worked with.

It seems perfect for a "lunch break" game, and since I added the "you can save lives" to it it leaves the player with a happier feeling than blowing shit up, I think.

I have bigger ideas to build off this, of course, and I may come back to this and make "Bomb Defuser XL" or something like that. I originally wanted to make a political statement with it, but that will require additional research. Who knows?

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It's interesting to see what

It's interesting to see what comes out when it is kept simple. I mean, matching is the most basic thing there is but when you add in a time counter and the idea that a bomb is going to go off if you mess up and then further on the pressure of how many you have already diffused and it becomes much more intense. The right combo of elements can do a lot. I look foreword to the possible story involved in XL!