Matthew's Dungeons of the Unforgotten

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A tribute to Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven made during Global Game Jam 2018.

You can listen to the soundtrack here!

Matthew Gatland, Sergio Cornaga & Chimeratio
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Flawless old-skool vibe you all have recreated here! It's a fitting tribute. Well done! :)


Had a fun time making my way down to the bottom of the dungeon for that last challenging level.

The Oxygen Generator was a nice touch. :)

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Great work! If you have any

Great work! If you have any detailed feedback we'd love to hear it, as I suspect not many have played all the way to the end.

Combat Timing, etc.

The only quirkiness I'd found would be during combat.
- If you have enemies on more than one side of you, attacking forward will also damage (and sometimes defeat) enemies to your sides.
- Non-engaged enemies don't move when you're in combat with another one (or more).

Beyond that:
- Players can totally game the system by waiting until they can upgrade by two or more levels. They age the same amount as when they upgrade one level, but improve however many levels they're eligible for all at once for a low price. Not sure if this is all by design or what. Maybe you want the player to receive more bang for their buck, but there seems no shortage of cash, particularly later in the game. Personally I think the highest I'd advanced was level 10, and I would regularly wait until I could upgrade 2 or sometimes 3 levels at once. I ended the game at age 34 or 35, which is barely "Logan's Run" levels of convalescence. :)

That's what I've been able to notice up until now. If you're looking for something specific, I'd likely need to know more about how the game was developed. I'm fond of what you all did with this and have had a blast playing!

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Much appreciated! Most of

Much appreciated! Most of the things you mentioned were present in the original Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven, and while working on our game we would often reimplement mechanics instead of trying out more logical alternatives. It's good to know you think those things are weird, though. I do too!

Although, the first thing you mentioned, about attacking enemies to your sides… were these always potion bearers by any chance? They tend to hurl themselves at you and destroy themselves in the process. Perhaps this could be communicated better.